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The mission of Dimond West Little League is to provide an environment in which young athletes are inspired to develop positive character traits like sportsmanship, respect, and honesty while learning the skills and strategy of baseball and softball. Dimond West Little League is committed to creating a culture in which coaches, parents, fans, umpires and athletes work together to achieve this mission. Measures of our success will be athletes that have fun playing the game, feel like an important part of the team regardless of performance, and learn the game in a respectful and sportsmanlike way. 


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Season 2021 Update

With registration now closed, Dimond West Board will be working diligently on organizing the teams. We are working to have this organized by next weekend and coaches notified shortly after.

Our goal is to get the teams out on the fields as soon as possible. 


The league is working diligently on putting rosters together. We are also still looking for coaches for a few divisions. Once we have coaches and rosters finalized, we will notify coaches. Our timeline is to have rosters and coaches identified by MAY 9.

We estimate that coaches will be contacting their players and families THE WEEK OF MAY 10 - 15, 2021. Coaches will receive their team rosters, during that week. All team rosters will have their players and the player’s contact information. We will be asking all coaches to contact their players by that weekend. If you have not heard from your coach by SUNDAY, MAY 16, please contact the DWLL. Contact information from registration will utilized to contact.

Practice times are at the coaches’ discretion. Coaches can start to schedule practice as soon as they have their rosters.

(Note: these are estimated times)

TBall & Coach Pitch- Week of May 24

Minors - Week of May 17

Baseball Majors - Week of May 10

Baseball Intermediates/Baseball Seniors - Week of May 17

Softball - Week of May 17

Every participant will receive a jersey and a hat. We are hopeful to have jerseys to teams by no later than the first game. Participants need to consider providing your player with the following:

Baseball glove
Molded cleats (It is not mandatory that kids have cleats, but when the field is a little wet, regular gym shoes will not be safe. Metal cleats are not allowed to have metal cleats for obvious safety concerns.)
Bat (teams will have bats to share, optional)
Batting gloves (optional)
Sun glasses (optional)
Batting helmet (optional) the team will have ones that the team can share. If you want your player to have his own, safer reasons, then something to consider.
Baseball pants - depending of the size of the player we may have a pairs to give, but this is an item not provided.

If you are interested in coaching, umpiring, or have additional questions, please contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions


When does the season start/end?
The season begins as soon as we can safely play on the fields. T-Ball, Coach Pitch, and Minors Baseball usually begin the week after Opening Ceremonies (usually the second Saturday in May, 10:00 a.m. at Jade fields).  Games for the Majors, Junior, and Interleague divisions (Softball, Intermediate, and Seniors) usually begin a week or two prior to Opening Ceremonies. We will post a game schedule as soon as the teams are formed. This occurs after registration has closed, typically the first week of May.  The season ends for Minors, Majors and Juniors at the end of June.  The All Star season begins in July.  The season for T-Ball and Coach Pitch ends around the last week of June/1st week in July, depending on the weather.

How many games/practices are there each week? 
T-Ball and Coach Pitch usually have 1-2 games per week Monday-Thursday. Practices are at the coach's discretion and usually take place before the game.

Minors Baseball has 2-3 games per week Monday-Thursday and practice is at the coach's discretion. (Typically practices are held on non-game days.)

Majors Baseball has 2-3 games per week and practice is at the coach's discretion. (Typically practices are held on non-game days.)

Junior Baseball schedules are inter-league throughout the city and can vary from 2-3 games per week.  Practices are at the coach's discretion.

Softball -  Minor through Junior schedules are inter-league throughout the city and can vary from 2-3 games per week.  Practices are at the coach's discretion.

At DWLL, we understand that our summers are short and family time is precious.  We do not schedule games on the weekends after Opening Ceremonies.

What division should my child play?

In general, the division ages are as follows:

T-Ball:  Ages 4-6 (age 6, depending on the child and his/her skill level)
Coach Pitch:  Ages 7-8
Minors:  Ages 9-11
Majors:  Ages 10-12
Intermediate:  Age 13
Juniors: Ages 12-14
Seniors: Ages 14, 15, 16

Please refer to DWLL By-Laws and Constitution for answers to other questions you may have.


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