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Baseball All-Star Tryouts June 14th from 5-8PM @ Jade

This will be for baseball only. Players 8-12 baseball league age are invited to tryout for the Dimond West All-Star Team. This is an additional commitment, to include practices and other events to current Little League commitments.

Please note the tournament dates and location for the respective tournaments. Availability for these dates are a priority. 
2023 Tournament Schedule 

Tryouts will be for an 8-10 All-Star Team, 9-11 All-Star Team, and a 10-12 All-Star Team. 

Please attend the tryout time for the team you would like to be considered. 

10-12 All-Star Team: 5-6PM
9-11 All-Star Team: 6-7PM
8-10 All-Star Team: 7-8PM

Players may be considered for all the teams in which they are eligible despite the tryout they attend.

Players should dress accordingly for a baseball tryout. 

Interested in becoming an Umpire for the 2023 Season?

Anyone 13 or older is eligible to ump DWLL games this year. Interested in umpiring this year? Email or (360) 820-4210 for more information.   
UMPIRES: Please print off pay sheet (see below) and read the directions

Umpires Needed



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The mission of Dimond West Little League is to provide an environment in which young athletes are inspired to develop positive character traits like sportsmanship, respect, and honesty while learning the skills and strategy of baseball and softball. Dimond West Little League is committed to creating a culture in which coaches, parents, fans, umpires and athletes work together to achieve this mission. Measures of our success will be athletes that have fun playing the game, feel like an important part of the team regardless of performance, and learn the game in a respectful and sportsmanlike way. 

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